Revolution 4

The call to arms clenches fists,
Around heavy, sturdy, lead guns,
Gather 'round the palace shooting the mists
"Kill anyone who runs."

My call to feet reaches hands
Out to waiting palm,
Striking only the desert sands,
Safeguarding the rationality of calm.

This will require strong legs to stand
For years for the cause,
And loud voices that continually land
In the laps of those unwilling to pause.

Come with me to Tahrir square,
And help send out alarms,
You will be attacked there,
But greet it with open arms.

If you want to live life free of fright,
You have to sacrifice,
Follow me, join the weaponless fight,
Think not about the price.

The revolution can be won,
But you cannot e'er back down, 
Under the bloated, feisty sun,
We see the heart of this town.

Take my hand and I'll take yours,
Hold them proudly high,
Before you release, Call to the shores
Of the Nile, "I'm willing to die!"

The End

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