Revolution 2

"If there were bodies all around,
Your brothers and sisters were gone,
Would you sustain alone to rebound,
On a carcass-scattered lawn?

If you could stand on your own to fight,
Or sit and forfeit it all,
Would you attack with your entire might,
Or allow the cause to fall?

Could you call a solo for what is true,
Even if the world was seeping lies,
If the earth was rigged to explode on cue,
Would you still shout my name across the skies?

If the sun wore a fiery yellow shield,
And shot arrows of hate,
Would you try to defend the battlefield,
Straight through Hell's very gate?

 If you only had one day to live,
And you could only do one thing,
Would I be that which you would give,
The end, your final spring?

If I branded my name on your arm,
Would you bare your arm with pride,
Believing its power could protect you from harm,
In it, all your secrets confide?

If I call for you, and you step to the plate,
Unafraid of the price you could pay,
To aim for a freedom-filled, sovereign state,
 Then today," says Revolution, "is your lucky day."

The End

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