A nick name i have been called from my childhood

I made a Mistake only to know that the pain I feel deep inside is truly real
I used my words to harm not only those who care but myself so here I go with this seal
I locked away my feelings to preserve them for when I'm ready to share
And you hold the key to unlock them at any moment just so that you know I care
And forever will they be waiting for your touch of your lips and your hand
I understand that what I did scared you and made you run from my land
But my world is crashing down day by day with every breath I take
So I will hold onto the air to keep from falling to pieces for my love isn't fake
I know I may not be the guy at this time and moment and I want you to know I'm ok
For being your friend is all I can ask for I will be there for you anyway
So come back to me even if for a short time for in that moment I will stop time
And make sure the meetings will last forever in my head where you're still mine
We may be apart but I'm getting better with every second feeling like forever in my eyes
So let's not look away when deep inside were crying for this is still not our final good byes
I am strong and I am proud and this is my oath to you
That I will be by your side through thick and thin and that I know is true
But if ever comes a time that I must give my life for yours I will not think twice
For I will take the final blow and die knowing that with this final breath you didn't have to pay the price
I may love you till the day my last breath is taken from me
But till that day comes I know that I will be everything you know and see
I am the Reviver and I'm here to tell you this here and now
That not even the gods themselves could show me this upon my brow
I'm not saying I'm perfect and I'm not saying I'm true
But as my heart still beats in my chest I will always and forever love you
Maybe I went too fast and maybe I showed too much of whom I am really to be
But I have become the paranoid man again and losing you was all I could see
And I'm writing this not as a man but as a lover wishing he could change the past
Cause maybe if I wouldn't have been so over bearing our love we had would have last
But I'm not looking at what was for there is only hurt I look toward the future where I finally come to see
That This Reviver that I have come to think of myself really has become me
For I am not a tool nor a weapon of love or hate
But I am a human being kneeling in his own blood as he waits for his fate
And if I have to wait for a thousand years for you to finally see
That this fallen angel, the darkness, the reviver I no longer wants to be
But this gift I bare is also my curse for I am but weak to your touch
For I see you in my dreams and think about you so very much
I am a mortal just looking to the heavens swearing that they bring you back to me
For I would walk through hell and take over heaven just so I can finally my angel I see
And that angel is you and I ask you to know this forever and true
That no matter in life or in death I will always and forever love you
I don't ask much and when I do ask it's for something worth fighting for
So the afterlife better watch out because I will soon be knocking on your door
I am strong and I am sure that nothing can stop a man from loving other than the love never returned
But even if it's a little love my skin and heart shall never be burned
I am the human that fell for an angel and knew it wouldn't last
But they call me the Reviver in my present, future, and past

The End

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