Revenge is best served cold

These years have just been a build up,

harboured hatred,

So long just to clear up,

But still waiting,


Your eyes so green,

Your heart so stale,

It was so fresh,

But now it's so unwell,

It bleeds tears,

It's crying,

The spirit within you,

It's dying,


What happened?

A young man should,

Should Grow,

Should prosper,

I couldn't imagine how much this would cost ya?


But it has,

You have paid so dearly,

For being so sweet,

But clearly,

This has got to you,

You wish for sweet revenge,

Some-one's life to end,


You want it served cold on a plate,

You 're wasting your time, don't procrastine, 


I will throw you this old cliche,

In a bid to steer you straight,

Always look on the bright side of life,

Don't grow so full of hate!







The End

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