Empathy pumped with anaesthetic,
Leaving us uncaring and unsympathetic,
What little sympathy remained was left prosthetic,
And now to everyone's plight we're apathetic,

But maybe it's all a sign and is prophetic,
Or it could be that the human condition is merely genetic,
Would it be better if all emotions were synthetic,

If we're doomed to go through this tribulation,
Living as a global infestation,
Then maybe the race should have global reincarnation,

If the sun was blocked out in an eternal eclipse,
That would be one final end to all our conflicts,
Maybe we'd get lucky and it'll be how the bible predicts,
And we'll all be washed away in the apocalypse,

And, if death is the only way to stop death,
Then hurry and take our breath,
Because if death is to be our fate,
Then let it come soon - I can't stand the wait.

The End

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