Return to September

This poem is about my first year in high school, my first Love and how sad I was to hear that he was moving to the next school halfway through the year., and that the times we shared during that year may be their last. In this poem it highlights most of the good times.

I sit down at the lunch table, with a friend from past days

I see you

Simple as breathing

My heart returns to September

As the cold grew stronger

so did our friendship

leaves fell

As my heart warmed to you

Warmth like a summers day among this cold

my fragnat sun in this autumn shadow

Artfully painted woodlands mirroring my new lov

Each leaf cloaked forever

 Savoring this time for us

Cold breezes bring us our first snowfall

We see the feather snow dnace in the gusty winds

Our first winter together

A warming sun arose on the first day of spring

Chills of winter lingered in the air

Your face glistening in the moring sun

We walk together side by side

Like old times it seems

As the temperature rises

Your time here drains

Like a melting puddle

My heart returns to september,

Sitting on the stairs outside gym

 Pleasently chatting about the day

The ever growing spring sun elegantly arousing us with warmth

Sharing in our joy

Laughing joyously as time fell away

 Wishing to myself

 May my love surrender you to stay forever

Spring through summer

Your last day here

We walked peacefully together

You boarded your more smile of warmt

A tear fell as your bus drove away

My heart returned to september that day

The End

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