Return to Me

Honest straight up guy just wanting his girl back.

There was a time when you talked to me,

you were there and you guided me,

you showed me the world and I fell in love with you,

but that was so long ago, I forget, I feel lonely though,

I hang to the tokens that you gave me.

Please return to me.

Now maybe I have done some wrong,

I questioned things like where I belong,

but you know that I was devoted to you baby,

I tried to bring so much joy, I kept you warm and I gave you toys,

it never was enough, was it, for you.

Please return to me.


I know that you've met other guys,

splashed some cash and looked into your eyes,

and you thought that they could offer more than I do.

then that night they took you home, they made love to you then left you alone,

in the silence you stare up at the ceiling.

Please return to me.


You think back to what we once had,

remember the good and forget the bad,

the feelings of regret they overcame you.

You lay there and cried the night away, but baby I'm yours always,

you know my number and that I'm waiting for you.

Please return to me.

The End

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