Rest In Soft Peace

A tragic lost persona pining for their loved ones


You left me you did ,

The both of you,

You left me ,

All alone.

Broken I am.

I know I will see you again,

But it is all a matter of a wait.

Sometimes I wish I were dead

Maybe being dead ends all your troubles

(I’d like to think it does anyway).

Then I stop myself,

It’s not my time yet.

I’m struggling,

I am really struggling,

That’s the way it is these days.

I just want a hug,

Just a hug

Nothing much.

Just that little something,

That keeps you going through the day

And through life itself.

But you’re gone

The both of you

You’re gone

And those are no more.

Just seems like a dream the last time I was with you,

The both of you.

However, you’re gone and I have to say


God bless,

And rest in soft peace

P.S. make sure you put the kettle on when it’s my time.

The End

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