Respect WomenMature

when has anyone ever told me that what they think 

truly beyond a doubt 

without the influence of a drink 

all they do it shout 

at the top of their lungs 

lies they think I’ve never been told 

when really it’s already been done

my confidence has been sold 

to the highest bidder 

the one that hides behind the prettiest mask

they think oh maybe she’ll consider

but then again it is such a task 

do i really want to spend my time on this sad excuse

someone who i have to work for 

only to be rewarded with abuse

all the while treating me like their pretty whore 

one compliment and done 

a society that teaches you that after the first fuck

you’ve got her, you’ve won

no way was it just your luck 

getting this girl it was your charm, your swag, your looks

but what they don’t teach you is that women are strong

not all of them sit at home and cook 

to you we do not belong

we are our own person independent and self-sufficient 

but what are you adverse in 

something that you’re so efficient 

now tell me, 

is this really how you think of women?

The End

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