Resonations Of My Heart

You and me, we resonate.
The vibrations tend to the quakes that Mother Earth prepares.

You and me, we violate.
The laws of physics bend around the small of our fingers, time ceases in the void.

You and me, we flow.
Our rivers were carved out long before time, in the great Event Of Creation, let the drift taketh you.

You and me, we bounce.
Same beat, blood bobs foward and back, 'twixt the surrounding atmosphere, stimulating the aural senses.

Me, I hate.
Became, I burrow through the waste, mingling with the depress, setting fire to the strings becometh of blood.

You, you love.
Life wake in facing newest suns, spread lips melt the blackest of ice, inside keeps the world and holy meaning.

Healing of the clock passes not me by. Unfair dictate life, and dealeth death.

The End

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