Will peace- or pain- follow the resolution of a goodbye?

Be whatever you be,

What you do, do it.

Break my heart, if you wish to,

But do not proclaim it is your will-

Wherever you have set a lie,

The trap will backfire into my face,

Embarrassment my own weapon-

Whatever you write, say it

Without the lunacy of pictures

On posted-cards and fabrications;

Whatever you redeem, I will take it,

For no reason has me wide-eyed,

And my suitor you torture, cries,

Again he has been stolen from

The man you used to be.

Red and broken, no heart

But that of the china-glass,

Inner sanctum ripped out,

In the wish to be with freedom-

And hope that my peace will follow,

In the way it always has resolved,

Even in between the battles of our hearts,

The placement is a decoration

Of the man you used to be.

The End

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