Resist The Blade

  • I will not give in to you today,
  • So won't you just go away.
  • My life is back on track,
  • I won't need to fade to black.


  • So stop tempting me dear blade,
  • This is the choice that I have made.
  • It has taken me a while,
  • But now I can finally smile.


  • I brushed off the dust,
  • Rising up is a must.
  • Beaten down by the haters,
  • Betrayed by the fakers.


  • And yet I feel so great,
  • As I ignore their hate.
  • But I am who I am,
  • And I don't give a damn.


  • I won't change,
  • Just because you think I'm strange.
  • I will just be happy,
  • Because I'm me.
The End

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