Resilience: A Sestina

Resilience: A Sestina


A lone tuxedoed bird stands

within the seizing heart of the storm

hueless, heatless, hell-weather

The desolate landscape of winter

swallows all but the tuxedoed spark

who remains there by choice


The scholar regrets his ill-informed choice

fighting apathy, boredom til he understands

where to find that motivational spark

Whirling thoughts thunder in a storm

recovering from a thoughtless winter

Wishing there was less to weather


Thousands of feet pass over and weather

that sole connection; never given a choice

surviving the seasons; erosions of winters

A bridge over time, the only force that withstands

Swaying violently, but steadfastly in any storm

under-appreciated, longing for a new spark


Beginning undetected from a unnoticed spark

The ultimate force for all to weather

Steady for some, others find chaos in its storm

trudging perpetually without any hint of choice

Time is never something that just stands

refusing to stop for the empty solace of winter


Suddenly in the afterlife of winter

from a looming cloud arcs a spindly spark

tall and proud the tree aflame yet stands

a dominating force even for mother-weather

sturdy, arrogant to the end; protesting the choice

to endure the convulsive spasms of the storm


Spring erupts in a flurry as a storm

through the remnants of unwelcomed winter

As though they could no longer hold the choice

resplendent color, fragrance, life's mysterious spark

emerges from the ticking clock; seasons of weather

alone the cocktail dressed flora stands


Resiliency; the spark defies a lonely winter

the calm after the storm, more than enough to weather

a lone choice before every being stands

The End

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