Rescuing Those Who Rescued Us

Courage is found as they leave old ways behind,

Using bravery to overcome what obstacles they find.

Tears are shed as they wave goodbye,

With pride on their faces as they hold their heads high.


Cries of people and the roar of guns in their ears,

Leaves them alone in the darkness with only their fears.

The pain in their body burns like pottery in a kiln,

As the war around them blurs like a black-and-white film.


The fight for survival is a never-ending battle,

As blood spills from wounds and machine guns rattle.

Limbs are lost and scars are gained,

And courage displayed, whether real or feigned.


Despite their voluntary fight for our freedom,

We leave them - discarded - and notice them seldom.

Our heroes need help in their hour of need,

They came to our aid; let us aid that brave breed.

The End

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