REPRISE - welldonewalton - REPRISE

written last a - youguessedit - reprise of one of my earlier works. ( if youse interested)

All this alcohol and all this deception,

Why would you do it?

I know why,

I can see why,

Why is bloody obvious,

why am I even asking?

Why would she undress in front of you, engage you all night, wear fabric, get every man's attention and then focus on you?

She was going to come back to this house

with that on her head,

I would've waited up in vain

to count the number of footsteps, the number of footsteps, the number of oxygen molecules being martyred, the number of voices on the creakysneaky stairs.

She is lithe and tiny and perfect and beautiful and I love her to bits.

I am none of these things, I am worthy of none

but I did think of you

before tonight.

I did wish I could have

a chance

before tonight,

I did have a mission

that was supposed to be



Go, go,

Go waltz to Joy Division,

Go sleeping to the sound of my sobs,

Revel in the realisation that you ruined my rescue,

And, tomorrow, I will smile to your face,

I will joke with you,

Talk with you,

Laugh with you,

Lie with you,

That we understood each other

and we left the place where we felt the most lonely  only  to hit a new low

and lose each other

and look away and


that a new man will erase this day,

The End

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