Intoxication through my veins

Numbs each sense -

All but pleasure.

Each touch magnified,

Each twirl heightened

To dizzying summits.


Another sort of intoxication

Fills me up.

The fullness startles me,

It seals our souls

I have no boundaries:

I am invincible.


Brought back down

To the dull complexion

Of the world.

Guilt-ridden, ashamed -

I find an easy way out.

Do it again.


And again.


And again.


I am a slave

To the anaesthetic

That deadens my heart.

Emotionless – a shell

So fragile and precious,

Now hardened and opaque.


Then I find

A light so pure and bright

That it makes me weep.

It fractures the binding chains

It renews my heart

The pressure is released.


The purity overwhelms:

Radiance conquers the shadows

A snowflake suspended; a glacier untouched

I found You.

I am home.   

The End

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