Renia Kohn

For a little girl who died in the holocaust.

Sick, metallic rock,

Between my fortunate teeth.

Child, memory caught

Between eyelashes,

Piercing and stolen,

Beautiful and murdered.

Life, embedded In timeless stone prisons, confined

Souls, crying of liberty,

Shielding young and failing.

Gaping hole of humankind,

Characteristic of 'worth while' free will.

An anger, a pathetic hurt,

Too late, too weak.

Names to numbers, faces to dust,

'objects' 'problems' erased were

Living, breathing family.

Betrayed, thick head

Swims with Renia Kohn,

Of baby, mother and love,

Made meaningless.


Hands that held tight, reduced

Ashes to ashes.

Cold wind biting into lives,

Hate, blossoming where Poppies had, would grow.

Smiles, that break

into your Liquid nitrogen heart,

Cut open your veins,

To let you 'feast' upon what you are,

Who you are,

Descendant of murder,

Living remnant of evil,

Compassion we all claim as nature,

Refuses the possibility of being the devil,

When what are we but incarnate.

Baby in my brain, wailing

From internal crimson hurt,

that Cracks each of my fingers until,

I'm useless, worthless to her, to anyone

Worthless to a shadow that I know so well.

Breaks into my bones,

A cold...

That fills me up,

empty like Zyklon-B.


Tearing doubt into bodies,

How can we bear to be human?

Sad eyes, I'm so sorry

My arms are so pointless,

When I can't hold away what's past for you,

When I was too late to hold your hand,

When I can't stand how,

I was allowed everything, and you were denied it.

If you suffered? Then there is no God, child, I promise

If you felt any pain, Innocence

Then there is no one waiting for us,

To pull us above water,

To breathe us back to love,

To heal what we can become,

To change who we are.

But for you to be alone, as dirt

Across cold land, silent, unthinking,

Stolen without hope of Neibo,

Is so much worse, than if God did exist.

Oh Gott? Dieu? Oeos?

Gudinde? Jurasbullitis and Dievas?

Gud? Dumnezeu? And Boh?


Where we're you?


The End

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