so many things I want to say

it just seems others say it better

I keep trying to find inspiration

but my muse made me forget her

life is a ticking clock 

and the time is running out

but I'm so caught up in the future

I keep neglecting now

so please turn back the time we lose

my mind is getting so removed

and now my head is tumbling 

and reality is setting in

so we have to figure out just what to do.

It's hard to relate for this shipwrecked captain 

I've been out to sea for some time

the roughish waves have callused my edges

and taken the youth of my prime

I'm so detached from all the rest

like I watch behind technicolor eyes

but I haven't caught onto dramatic irony 

so I still fall for all the lies.

I am like a yellow sheep

paddle in a sea of red

trying to find my furry flock 

cuz all but me have gone and fled

but blue mistakes have come and went 

the earth always turns green in spring

the story was always there for reading

but you were never listening.

The End

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