Sunday SchoolMature

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. 
It might surprise you a little bit coming from a priest,
but there are no demons. 

There's no devil dancing around
with a pitch fork down under the ground,
and there's no white bearded old God
looking down on us from up in the sky. 

Those are things we tell children in Sunday school. 
Those are the words we say, the stories we tell
to scare simple minded people into behaving. 

I'll tell you what is real though, good and evil. 
There is some good in this world, and there surely is evil. 
What makes human beings unique is that we know that.

Deep down, you know that.
That alone separates us from wild animals. 

That's what that silly fairytale about Adam and Eve is all about. 
We have that knowledge. 

The only demon that might be in you is that you know the difference,
but you don't care. 

Sure.  You could turn on me like a wild animal and maybe even take my life. 
Any senseless animal could do that. 
If that's the case, then I should do my best to have you thrown in a cage.

But I think you know what you did was wrong.

You think you're running away from punishment; escaping. 
But would you believe me if I told you the only path you can take
to really save yourself, leads right back where you came from?

Would you believe me if i said that every other path you could choose leads to
denying the truth, and damning yourself to
a life of hell. 

Now, what you have to ask yourself is this.
If doing the right thing was the hardest thing in the world,
and doing the wrong thing was the easiest thing in the world,
Which would you choose?

The End

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