On this day we stand hand in hand
nations together, remembering forever
the lives that were lost to let us live
our future; we have our thanks to give.

To the boys, so young, who joined up to the cause
who said 'it'll be over by christmas' as they marched off to war
laughing and joking as they stood side by side with their friends
turning to fear and they started to fall.

Left behind, waiting, were the families they loved
who lived each day in fear, with their fingers crossed
hoping the knock on the door won't happen
hoping the letter they dread won't be written.

For many, this letter appeared on their doorsteps;
unopened, one by one, they fell to the floor
grieving, missing, their brave soldier boy
whose lives had been taken for their familes to live.

No matter the nation or the side that they fought on
brothers, fathers, husbands and sons; they were all still just people
living and fighting in trenches of mud;
all the same, no matter where they were born.

The boys of the first war are not all we remember
for it is not the only war we have suffered and mourned for.
Rememeber those in the blitz over the nation
the civilian casualties that lost their lives too.

And then to the men we have lost in recent years
with families still mourning, will wishing they could walk through the door
But they are now immortal in the hearts of others;
forever young as we all grow old.

So on the eleventh day, fall silent and remember
the time the guns fell silent all those years ago
and think of those young lives that were lost
the people we will never know that gave their freedom for us

The End

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