remembering sunday

'goddammit' she says
and he can only blink at her
through this alcohol-induced haze
and she leaves,
slamming the door behind her,
and he cannot comprehend
this heterosexual relationship

what is love?
it is a chemical reaction
but to some,
it is more

and all she wants is more
and he doesn't understand
and so she moves on

he just wants to
not feel so alone
and be more than
this single part of himself
and he cries 'forgive me'
but she does not hear.

but she left at 
hell o'clock
running through the streets
towards her own home
but she never got there
and she left him all alone in his life

he searches,
'have you seen this girl?'
with a desperate tone of voice
that implies that she 
that she was important,
even though there are so very many
missing persons in this world

and he never got a chance
and he'll always be alone

and she never got the chance
and she just wanted love

and he screamed at the world
'i didn't get enough time' 

and the world answers, 
'too bad'

and he shouts, 
'i'm was going to ask her to marry me'

The End

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