Remember Us

Reflection on death and our intense longing to last beyond it.

Calamity is amiss
In our heads, in the abyss
A battle in the mind
That reason fails to find.

Hollowed out and broken
A gorgeous shiny token
Built to last a lifetime
But worthless past its prime.

Symbolic of a tale
Of chosen heroes hailed
Until they fell to dust
Remembrance is a must.

Brows obscuring eyes
Blades that pierce our hides
A figure by the fire
Calling God a liar.

A message in the crypt
By the wanderer who tripped
While trying to escape
His grim and lonely fate.

Names erased by time
Graves encased in grime
Will we ever see the day
When the Reaper goes away?

Leave goodness in your wake
Not a storm that doesn't break
Surrender with a grin
And your training will begin.

The End

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