Remember This About Your Heart Please

To the broken hearted, both in love and life. This one is for you.

Remember that your heart was given to you and one other

Who has a key and is your only true lover

But also, remember that your heart is a organ

That it can be hurt, like a punch to the kidney

Too often, we view the heart as some phantom object

That exists, simply because we have blood in our veins

But it too, can hurt

And when it does, read the poetry of those who care for you

Who go on this site and read your scribblings

Your self prophetic, self critical, self pathetic prose

And tell you "It's great! I love it, Continue, I want more!"

"What the hell do they know." Come on, we've all said it

We've all ripped and torn thousands and thousands of poems and prose apart like the imaginary paper it's written on, and self debased ourselves to the point we hate ourseleves

Remember, that your heart, is a organ that can hurt.

And remember, out there, someone is reading

Someone is caring

And someone knows what your worth

(Author's Note: The most ironic thing is, the first words out of my mouth were "This sucks."  Haha figured I'd share that)

The End

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