Remember HimMature

A poem I wrote about a year before my father passed away last year on Jan.24 2010.

The sun brings warmth to my heart. The night will make you want to dance around me. The dawn will guide us together into this world unknown. Stars take him on a journey that he'll remember, and never forget. Moons, teach him how to glide into own hearts...

Our love for him, will be so strong that even the birds will sing in our praise...

Stone, listen I beg you to our story of love and passion for him. Mountains take up into you gracious and protective arms. The sky will look upon us with it's huge bright blue eyes. Sea have him dream of your gentleness, like the gentleness of our lips parting. Morning remind him of me, like a bee would remind a flower. Tell him; "I love you."

Just as the tide comes rolling in.

The End

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