A poem about a loved one going away.

There is something very subtle about the way you close your eyes. When you blink you set off fireworks, flashing brightly through the skies. I want to see you laughing while the sun is going down. I want to see you filled with life, for lack of a better noun. I want to touch your eyelids as you softly drift asleep. The feeling of your silky skin, that smile that shows your teeth. I want to feel you fully as one feels the setting sun. I want to be your angel, I want to be your only one. But soon the time will come and then we’ll have to go to sleep. No longer will I see your face, or feel your love as deep. For soon will come the time when we will have to drift apart. Your eyes, your smile, your laughing lips, give an ache to my lonely heart. For as close as we have gotten now, soon we must be as far. It aches, it stings, it sets a flame, this painful little scar. But once we’ve been as far as death, we’ll long to say ‘I do’. White and lace and shining rings, two voices, ‘I love you’. So don’t you fret and don’t you frown, my love, there’ll be relief. And such will our be our bliss that this pain will seem but brief. Come kiss me and we’ll set apart, go along our separate ways. Remember I will long for you, all my nights and all my days. If you forget me not, my love, I’ll not forget you too. But if you toss me away, my love, my life, I’ll remember you. I’ll see you in my dreams, and then again when I close my eyes. Your face will haunt me silently until, to heaven, I’ll rise. So love me truly and love me full, my darling you are my world. I’ve seen it in the way I smile since your affection was unfurled. Now let’s embrace one final time until that rosy morn. I’ll think about you day and night, until I am reborn. I’ll touch your lips to mine, my love, one last and loving time. Remember very fully: I am yours and you are mine.

The End

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