Remember how those words danced across your tongue

Like a flower floating on water

The way it move back and fourth

As if you were trying to savor every taste of the meaning

When it flew from your lips

My hands leaped in the air

Swinging like branches in a storm

Trying to grasp every peice of this phrase

If only i could have cought that beauty

Locked it away for nobody to see

Cared for it with all my soul

Fed it with every kiss my body could spare

If only i said it back

Remember the first time those words stumbled across my mouth

Broken up and harsh

Trying to pry their way through the gaps in my teeth

So clumsy like a child learning to walk

Stumbling one letter after the next

It fell out of my mouth into your bloody palms

We stared at each other with empty eyes and shredded hearts

I love you was never enough

The End

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