I remember,
A spark of sublime light,
The day I saw you the first time
And all the way, and through the night,
Never thought it'd crossed my mind
The beauty you are

I remember,
Waking up each summer day,
Wanting for the hours to rush on by
And for the clouds of color gray,
To cover and darken the sky
Hoping for rain

I remember,
And so it was, until that day
I happened by chance upon two coins
One for you, and one for me, so you said
And for many days, and many nights, and ever since
I've dreamt of you

I remember,
T'was a day like any other,
Embedded in my thoughts, subconsciously
As the day we first met,
In which I saw the face and the eyes
I will never forget

Allow these words you've read, so far
Tell you whats in my head,
Because this poem of honest sooth,
Will tell you more than just my truth
And although in the end it might not be,
I want you to remember, like I do
There's more than just one memory

The End

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