You walked the halls in such a way

That made me believe it was you who pushed up day

I always hoped that eventually

You’d long to end up right here by me

But alas, I was deeply and utterly wrong

And it hurt to have to pretend to be so strong

For your eyes were like fire, burning into my soul

And there I was, sinking deeper into the hole

You cocked your head and you smiled at me

I don’t understand why you couldn’t let me be

You played me for a fool and I believed you

I believed that everything you said was true

Even when you were laughing with your girl

And I felt as though I was going to hurl

I still wanted you forever by my side

And even then every single night I cried

And now, well now, I don’t need you at all

So don’t even try to find reason for a call

You’re not here and I don’t need your face

Because your face is one that has been erased

The End

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