Your smile shines as bright as the morning sun. Eyes so deep they're like pools to the soul.

Acting so proud, riding your high horse. Having confidence completely your own. 

Inspiration to me as I excel in school. Now that you're gone, you're still an inspiration.

My inspiration to try harder. To prove you wrong. I'll shine like a star as you watch from the ground.

I'll remember you but not in a good way. More like wishing you got run over by a train.

Thanks for nothing, for making me hope. You wanted it rushed when I wasn't ready.

I used to wish you the best and I  still do. But I hope Karma comes and bites hard at you.

Just like an apple tree where the best ones are on top. You tried to reach me but you couldn't so you just settled for the rotten ones at the bottom.

Remember me this way, as a stronger girl. Not the one you loved, hurt and betrayed.

I'll be here watching like a hawk. But there's no more pain as I watch you endure yours for losing me.

I hope you like you're apple. So rotten and dark. I'll bet you wished you stayed in the park I called love.

So leave! I don't care. I have a life outside you where there's no more hurt and no more pain.

I know I'm better than anyone you meet. And when time comes, You'll be very sorry

The End

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