How a simple, yet tragic mistake ruins a young girl's life.

She stopped by the store
On her way home from work
Handing over the payment
Her eyes she did avert.

A short trip to the library
To return that overdue book
She grudgingly paid the fine
About true crimes and crooks

On to the Blue Aquarium
to pick up some fish food
The clerk was oh so slow
And she began to brood.

Her errands were now finished
It was time to get on home
Walking up apartment stairs
Green eyes began to roam.

Locking herself inside
And securing the chain
She breathed a sigh of relief
When it began to lightly rain.

Why was she still nervous?
Why the panic attacks?
Her therapist had assured her
That he wasn't coming back.

It had been so long
Four years and six days
Since she seen him last
And that blood-shot gaze.

She shoved in a goofy movie
Sat with popcorn in her lap
Curled up with a blanket
She just might take a nap.

The images before her
Were boring as could be
She began to imagine life
As far as she could see.

She had been so silly
It could really be okay
She would go to the park
Next sunny Saturday.

It was time to change her life
To put it in the past
Continuing down this path
Her sanity wouldn't last.

Then came a loud knock
upon the wooden door
White popcorn kernels
Scattered to the floor.

She laughed at the thought
of being terrified forever
Silly goose, she called herself
Use your brain; be clever.

Moving the security chain
She opened the door wide.
"Hello," he snarled gruffly
Didn't even try to hide.

The last thing she heard
After a shrill telephone ring
Was the old answering machine
Bad news the voice did bring.

"We're sorry to inform you
He was released today
It was a clerical error

But we'll find him right away."

The End

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