just some thoughts

Whyy isit then whenever im happy,

Your all bringing me down?

You throw abuse just like that, go on just slap me!

Wouldnt be the first time,

Might aswell be trying to mime,

No-one every listens or agrees with me,

Normally i just forget and count to three,

Your always on a hype about a girl,

One who is just gunna see you for who you are,

A backstabbing childish kid who doesn’t care,

Ever since i was young you put me down,

I don’t know why i take your shit...ive grown,

Where would you be without me?

Prob hiding from the world in a tree...

Sometimes i wish i was far away,

Clear my mind and have brighter days.

I have no-one to turn to coz your all the same...

And i shall continue till i make myself a name!

If you got sucha problem, come, stop chatting air...

If not, ill settle it fair and square.

The End

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