Relay Race

A poem about life, the pain and the struggle, but whta for... to carry on ourselves.

Here I go,

A few seconds,

The baton touches my hand,

The plastic cover in sweat.

It slips from my grasp.

I scramble to find it,

My hair falls over my face.


Found, I start running.

My shoelace is undone.

Other people run past me.

I start sprinting.

My knee buckles


I trip, headfirst in the turf.

The grass and mud

And blood in my mouth

My teeth aching

My eyes streaming

Bleeding from my lips and face

Clothes covered in dirt and green marks.


I stand up

And walk the last few strides.

I pass to the next person,

For me, the race is over.


Written on the 24th June 2008.... Posted on on the 23rd April 2009

The End

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