Relationship is never an accident  always ,
Nor its foundation ever basking in sunshine,
The window to it is quite a sense away ,
Love, care and trust  a constant requiem .

Many a relationship slips away
When not held tight , deep within ,
Slipping, love mutual, and care ,
Trust eroding ever so rapidly thin .

Fleeting moments and fading recall,
Help degrade  relationships once fond
Gathering steam , without wherewithal,
Deep running  fears and uncertainty strong.

Its not common  for relationships to flaunt ,
Deeper running interests long hidden,
Deep within lie reasons often in want ,
Trust, a victim of greed and lust within.

Cultivation of trust a noble task though
Is fraught with unstinted effort and positivity,
Companion through life, high and low ,
Constant in highs and stronger in adversity .

The End

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