Feeling unneeded,


Searching for pain,

Not needed,

In my life.

Finding no one that understands,

Questions fluster around

Like locked in butterflies

Whose wings show

Who they are meant to be.

Reminder of past hurts;

Forgetting morals

In search of inner desires.


Put others first,

And be ignored afterwards--



Wrong turns in life;

Being yelled at.

Forgetting inner demons,

To reach other's desires.

Turn a cheek;

To have a back turned on you;

Broken pieces

Of what once was me.

Pieces all over the place--

With those rejecting me,

With those loving me,

With those leaving me.


Bare feet bleed from the glass,

Like tears that flee from a broken heart.

The salt of tears burning the scars,

The scars caused by the errors,

By the mistakes--


By the broken hearts.

The End

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