Overdose Of Reality

A deep sigh. Lids flutter like an emerging butterfly.

Fingers twitch like a leaf caught in the morning breeze.

With what remains of her strength, she drags herself up

And for the first time ever, she clearly sees.


The chaos that is scattered everywhere

Reaches every far corner like dark phantom fingers.

Upside down, inside out, smashed glass, splintered frames,

Realisation twists the knife; this scene, it's all hers.


Racking her brain for where the secrets lie,

She finds there is no one left to blame.

Her heart is seized, plunged in chilling iced water.

She's all alone and she's drowning in shame.


Her fresh eyes wide, they glimmer and shine.

She's desperately paddling on the brink of a fall.

She just can's see how, she solely built this reality,

So she slowly creeps back, crawls into her hedgehog ball.


Eyes squeezed tight, etched with the image she saw,

She dreams fairy tales, happy endings and rainbows.

But the broken remnants that stick in her side,

They nag and torment her of the future she chose.

The End

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