Reign of Pain

Agony... on any level... is a horrible feeling that engulfs your whole life in the moment(s), however long it lasts for, this spoken word piece was written during a time when my heart felt like it was being wrenched out of my chest a million times per second.


You find yourself in such pain

But theres no way to explain

The heart wrenching

Bloody, drenching


It’s a futile battle

Your hands start to rattle…



You ache so bad

Theres no hope of being glad

But when you find it

And you’ve defined it

As warmth

You can’t get enough

Quitting’s just too tough


Those times

When you know it’s not healthy

But you wanna feel wealthy

It’s your only hope

There’s no saying nope

To it

Stop saying it’s no good

I’m misunderstood


Those times

Are now



The End

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