Getting to Know YouMature

Mortimer stops playing and looks at the two singers
They are North of fifty, not what you'd call swingers
Yet there is something in their harmonious voices
That speaks of success, if they make the right choices
He watches them amused, as they check each other out
He's tall and thin, she's short and slightly stout
He has a spot on top where his head grows through his hair
Her face is attractive, but the rest is shaped like a pear
Mortimer is a big round man, his eyes aren't aligned
He has no wrinkles – the fat pushes them out from behind
The piano is silent, they stare at each other for a minute or two
That was good Harmony Snowdon, I think you'll do
Mortimer says to the new guy whom he seems to know
He turns to the woman, Imogene, I'd like you to meet Snow
Snowdon Bohdon at your service, he says with a bow
Imogene Karkass, she curtsies as if she knows how
Mortimer turns back to the piano and plays another song
Imogene and Snowdon harmonize as they sing along

The End

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