One SongMature

The director snorts, you don't have to be crude
Well I wouldn't, if you hadn't been so rude
I may not be young, but I can act and I can sing
I can sew and make costumes out of any old thing
Do you want me to audition or not, I don't care
She sniffs as she skewers him with a stare
Since there's no one else, you might just as well
He shrugs with resignation, as he wishes her in Hell
Alright, she says as she takes centre stage
He has to admit she looks good for her age
She opens her mouth and bursts into song
His jaw drops in awe – perhaps he's been wrong
To dismiss her out of hand just like that
He wishes he hadn't behaved like a prat
Her voice is beautiful, with admirable pitch
She can even sustain high notes without a glitch
Her delivery is rough, though he's heard much worse
But he can smooth that out when they start to rehearse
If the production goes south, he'll have her to blame
Okay, that's good. All I need now is your name


The End

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