Ever done something you regretted?
Felt like you've done wrong?
It may not matter what that is,
but you know you regret it.

You know that your upset,
When there's something on your mind,
When there's something you regret,
In the past that you can't rewind.

When there's something I have to say,
When there's something I have to do,
When all I feel is the pain,
When things are bad between me and you.

There's a lot that I have done,
Nothing that you'll ever find,
How unhappy it made me,
How it make me feel deep inside.

There's something you must know,
Something I can't forget,
How much I hurt you,
And how much of it I regret.

So here I say I'm sorry,
Because everything I regret,
What happened with us,
I just can't forget.

The End

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