Refurbishing Sensibility

There is always a point in life where we end up ruining everything.We lose ourselves in the chaos of the glittering mundane life but we never try to see through the translucent reality that we are much better than we think. If we are the reason for our self destruction we r capable of refurbishing ourselves too. This is only achieved if we believe that the one who was testing us would also reward us for our performance. God is kind,forgiving and the best guide n d bestest friend.

Conscience was not in Company when

Sauntering on the road,placidly,

I was struck by a malaise

And was walloped by an evil malediction.

A raucous wind had started blowing,

And it ravaged my psyche,

My life suddenly became scruffy n saturnine,

It turned me into a sedate,a psychopath,

and I became pixilated,sardonic n savage.

No pain was felt while drowning so deep,

Nothing could really make me weep,

All the love that my heart held defrosted,

I was full of abhore,I was a diffident.

Soon,I was reeled by my defiled conduct,

And I wanted riddance from the malice

Perhaps,I was halucinating,I consoled myself,

but I desperately wanted to refurbish my state.


Haply,the  scurrilous weather suffered a diminuendo,

And something made the monster go for its sabbath,

Before I could relapse everything became serene,

God turned me scrupulous and made me a sacrosanct.

Now I realize that he made me suffer the seamy,

so that I could be stout instead of a wastrel,

He locked me so that I could myself find my key,

And make my way to the acme.

The End

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