I wish I could forget

Hit rewind

Take away all the regret

For letting you enter my mind

You got under my skin

Something not so easy for others

I let you bend me

Until I collapsed under the weight of your conceit

I want to say I hate you

But that's an impossibility

All I wanted was to love you

Spend my days basking in your light

Now I don't know what I'll do

Without that in my life

Hindsight is clearer

It was never meant to be

Now I'm throwing bricks at the mirror

Cause I don't like what I see

You made me realize my poor judgement

By forgetting all about me I guess heartache is the punishment

For my stupidity

They say ignorance is bliss

You must be in heaven

It's the only way you could miss

How much you mean to me

Now there's glass scattered on the floor

With reflections of the person I was before

I can't take this anymore

Please just set me free

Release me

Forget me

Please see

How broken you've left me

The End

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