Bad in Every Good

I was blinded by the good in you

But I’m learning things so slowly,

You’re not as perfect as I thought.

‘cause there’s a little bad in everybody.


There’s a thorn on every rose

And a cloud in every sky,

A sinner in every saint

And a truth behind every lie.


Everyone’s going to let you down,

If only once, it’s still contaminates

Every personality you let inside,

Until it completely dominates.


There’s a great white in every shark,

A tsunami in every sea,

A monster in every closet

And a sting on every bee.


‘Cause life is filled with disappointment,

Lies, deceit and dishonesty,

But you have to look on the bright side

Of every disaster and tragedy.


Because there’s reason in every argument

And stars in every night

Clear skies after every storm

And forgiveness in every fight.



The End

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