Did you think before you said that?

Told a lie to make people laugh.

How do you think she feels?

                                                      ‘Cause it’s not true, it’s not real.                                 


Did you think before you wrote that?

Sold it to see how people would react.

Why do you think she’s crying?

All because you’re the one that’s lying.


Because of you her heart is breaking,

Because of you her joy is for taking.

You took a candle and made a fire,

Thought it’d fuel people’s desires.


So people may have gossip and lies

But you also put tears in that girl’s eyes.

Did she deserve it? Just for some fun?

Her perfect relationship has twisted undone.


People believe anything they want to hear,

A bit of a story to which they can leer.

But how much of it is actually true?

My guess is not much, this news isn’t new.




The End

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