Raining Tears

When the rain is pouring down from the skies,

each drop represents a tear from a person that cries,

letting out each disappointment or fear,

calming the soul when nobody can hear.

Pounding the ground with each angry thought,

providing the relief they desperately sought.

Washing away the top layer of the ground,

peeling away the hurt so they are no longer bound

by grievance and sadness that consumed the light,

when the clouds disappear and the world becomes bright.

But mistakes remain stuck in the muddy grass

- they're not supposed to be fixed like broken glass,

because they're learnt from for the coming years

and are not solved by falling tears.

Through life they will always remain

but they remind you never to do it again.

So next time the rain falls and you're feeling alone,

remember that you are never on your own.







The End

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