Lie to the Mirror

You can convince yourself that you’re different,

That you’re not the same as the society you hate.

Yet you can’t lie to the reflection in the mirror,

Because it reveals the truth you can’t dictate.


You can tell yourself that there’s nothing wrong,

In what you’re doing, in what words leave your lips.

Yet you can’t hide reality in your expression,

Because from your glossy eyes emotion slips.


You can lie to yourself, imagine perfection,

Convince the real world that it’s on your side,

Yet imagination can be so swiftly thwarted.

And what you dream can be pushed aside.


The mind is a bittersweet, powerful creation,

Thoughts can be your enemy as well as friend,

You must choose when to listen and when to not,

Because it can lead you to a merciless dead end.

The End

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