A Lesson


There’s a lesson I’ve learnt over the years,

It’s simple, really. You have to know.

Just a few words that can change everything,

A message to be heard through sun and snow.


It goes like this.


Never let people make decisions for you,

Never let them change your mind,

If you think you can do it, it’s true,

Don’t leave your dreams behind.


Be optimistic when things are tough,

Remember your passion every day,

Don’t take the offer of an easier option.

Keep the pressure so far away.


Take your time in making choices,

Do what’s going to be best for you,

Consider what makes you happy,

Sometimes you have to be selfish too.


Because sometimes easy isn’t satisfying,

And giving up can be the end,

Advice doesn’t have to be readily taken,

It’s only an opinion of a person’s to lend.



Deep in your heart there’s always an answer,

Your mind doesn’t always speak what’s true,

Be yourself, don’t ever change that

And follow the direction that’s right for you.


The End

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