I sit at this table looking in front of me at a display of assorted fruit and tall glass of milk

My parents have left for the river and I am alone left to think about these problems that face me in the form of an avocado

My vision is smooth and soft as silk

What kills me is that fact that I fooled myself in believing her lies when it was blatantly an act of foreshadow

She uses men like big corporations use child labor, and sadly that is just the way she is built

I really don’t know why I got involved in this girl’s world that is shaped around her black-widow like bravado

But tell me how a sweet innocent girl can be so utterly harmful

And while you’re at it answer me why that same girl can turn around from being not ready, then a few months later be tied to a man who knew for 4 years of my great yearning for connection

This great saddening journey that I have taken from the young boy scared to express his love, to a man who she thought was so damned charmful

The only thing that scares me in this past reflection is that I might be caught again in her web of cold hearted deception

Although really the fact of the matter is that I am Alice, and I cannot turn away from the looking glass for the life of me

It seems as though I need a clear coat of silence, and maybe a few years living under some Tibetan Monks  

For once in my life I’d just like you world to accept this dreary plea because I’m tired and just about ready to flea

I’m deciding where to run, but to escape is just a mistake, because every street I turn down is lined with fool-hardy punks

It just makes me stop and think, because really how am I any different from one of them, too stubborn to let go the thought that girl and me

The End

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