this is about a girl who was abused and violated and had no control over it and when she looks in the mirror and sees her reflection she gets really insecure of herself and wants to change every bit of her.. but she realizes that no matter what she changes she will still be the same. and because of all this she hates herself



When she looks in the mirror she sees imperfection

She sees a girl covered in dirt

She sees nothing but bad

Everyday she saw her reflection

She lost all direction


But what she really sees is that she looked like

The man who broke her

But every time she saw her reflection

She gained a new imperfection


 She says she hates herself

Why? How?

She was violated, torn apart and used

And the worst part is she had no control over any of the abuse


Maybe that’s why she thinks she ugly

Maybe that’s why she doesn’t feel good enough

Maybe that’s why she hates herself


Maybe that’s why whenever she sees her reflection

She remembers all the things and that’s

Why she is swarmed with imperfection


 She tried to change

Then she realized she will still be the same


The End

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