Broken Thursday

I will never sleep again.

My world is one of cathedrals whose darkened spires mar the horizon.

My world is of dark refineries who cast their soft chemical haze on the street.

My world is of shadow and duplicity.

The face is a fragile veneer that masks a raging madness

I know it is contained within the walls of morals that have been instilled within my heart.

It will not escape

Until time leaves its horrible black stain

Until life is taken....

Until the inevitable.

I wrap myself in lies

Coil their black strands around and around

Tighter and tighter

If I can shroud the world in its lies

Shut out the voices, cross out the lines,

If I can drown their wretched cries,

Forget my name

Forget my face

Burn the things I can’t erase,

Discard this message,

Discard this message,

The End

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