Re-donning the deckchair

A poem about revisiting the past through an act in the present.

A strange sensation as memories flood back.

The discovery that a part of you didn’t die.

But then a slight disorientation as the past tries to reconcile itself

with the future.

The last times I wore this blazer,

I was doing my GCSE’s,

my Spanish class was bigger,

the bus route was different (and indeed today it seems vaguely unfamiliar),

my grandma still lived two doors away

(for, in fact, her house was where I spent my Study Leave).


This morning has been strange -

sunny like Summer 2010, and even the clouds seemed similar.

It was like the past reaching out

and tapping me on the shoulder.

Even the music playing on my iPod seems to be

songs I had two years ago.


I remember a certain feel of the air,

rosedoves and kingfishers, the folder of DM stories.

And I hadn’t known about Protagonize until the 24th June

(the day before my last exam - Stats).

My notebook was different,

my new ideas came less frequently.

I was more interested in writing lots for several characters.

Was it really two years ago?

And here we are at school,

me the Upper Sixth-Former,

re-donning my deckchair.

The End

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